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New year, new trends! I show you 4 trends that will mark 2021 in the spaces.


Face line graphic art |

It started in the online world and now is part of the interiors and not just as wallpaper, this design is present in jewelry, paintings, fabrics, cups, vases, this bold design will be decorating the corners of several spaces next year and its creation is "simple" because these traces of faces are generated by a continuous line.

Wabi Sabi style |

"The beauty of the imperfect" the Buddhist philosophy that talks about having a simple lifestyle in which it is important to accept our imperfections and those of the objects that surround us, the idea is to exhibit those furniture or decorations that have a sentimental bond with the user and that show the passage of time in them.

Si quieres conocer mas sobre este estilo, paleta de colores, decoración y mas visita mi post sobre este estilo | If you want to know more about this style, color palette, decoration and more visit my post about this style °ESTILO WABI SABI | WABI SABI STYLE°

Sustainable design |

The concern for the environment has reached the ears of industrial designers, the creation of sustainable furniture and decoration is increasingly common and is believed to take even more strength for next year, this furniture is made from recycled wood, environmentally friendly paints and are manufactured by hand (without machines).

Navy blue |

Naval blue or classic blue will be in the interiors a color that complements very well different styles and can be the protagonist of different corners or spaces of our homes.


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